Equestrian Barn Hacks

Hi! Sorry it has been a while! It’s been crazy with my health and school, so I don’t always have the time to write! But here is a quick post with all the amazing hacks that will help us equestrians!

  1. For your polo wraps and other similar items, use a lingerie bag to wash and dry your polo wraps to keep them from getting tangled up!
  2. Baby wipes are great for a million uses! I always have them hanging around the barn somewhere!
  3. Use rubber braiding bands for bridle keepers as a quick temporary fix.
  4. Put a tennis ball at the ends of cross ties to get rid of the annoying “clang” sound.
  5. Use dish scrub with a soap holder to use for cleaning your horse easily or scrubbing buckets.
  6. Loofa gloves are also great for cleaning horses and tack.
  7. Use colored or patterned duct tape to distinguish everyones supplies.
  8. Having trouble with keeping your horses ears forward for a photo? Buy all ears selfie app for your phone they have many sounds to bring your horse’s ears forward!
  9. Want a cheap and durable tack trunk? Stores such as Home Depot carry tool boxes such as Stanley or Husky for $100 and are just as great as actual tack trunks.
  10. You can cut pool noodles and use them as boot trees.

Have any other great barn hacks? Feel free to comment them below!

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