Steals and Deals!

This is probably one of my favorite posts I’ve written to date! In this post I’ll show you my favorite sites and tips to find inexpensive riding clothes, tack and gear! Who doesn’t love that! Because like many of use young equestrians we have a limited income (if you even have one!)

Here we go!

  • eBay
    • This place is a hit or miss, I’ve found many steal on this site! (if you don’t mind wearing used stuff!) I usually just type in the brand I’m looking for look at whatever pops up! I’ve bought 2 expensive Asmar pieces off of eBay ( both items retailed for well over $200) and only paid for less than $100 each on them! I also just bought a pair of almost never used Le Fash NY city breech off of eBay as well for under $100! Who doesn’t like that! (I also buy a lot of my lululemon off of there too because there is always a ton for sale on there!
  • Facebook Groups
    • I you have a Facebook I recommend you joining the many riding apparel and tack sales groups if you don’t already. People sell TONS of stuff on there! I’ve boughten many shirts on there plus usually people accept offers on their stuff as well. Also it’s a great place to sell your stuff too! Also what a lot of “ISO” post on the groups as well, (means “in search of”) which is another easy way to find something you are looking for
  • Tack Hunter App
    • This app just came out a few weeks ago and I love it! If you know what the poshmark or mercari app is it’s just like that but for equestrians. I haven’t found anything I’ve wanted to buy yet on the app but I have already sold tons of stuff on there! I app is still new so there may be a few glitches but it’s such a great idea!
  • Tack Store end of season sales / clearance (both online and in-store):
    • Most tack stores have a clearance/closeouts on items plus end of season items. This is a great way to save $$$, shop for items at end of season to wear for next season! I just got a Noble Outfitters jacket super cheap from my tack store because it was from last years collection (who cares if it was last season’s!). SmartPak and Dover constantly have stuff in their sale/closeout/clearance section! Sometimes it’s a hit or miss for finding items in the size you need but it’s always great to look!
  • USEF and other Organization discount
    • SmartPak offers a 10% discount on items if you are a member of USEF or other organizations! Dover just announced that they too will be adding a 10% discount for members as well
  • Brand Ambassador Discounts
    • Many small business owned companies have brand ambassadors who have codes for discounts to promote the company, usually the discounts aren’t “huge” but will always save you a few bucks! I am currently am an ambassador for a few companies listed below
      • K. Marie Equestrian use code KateR10 for 10% Discount
      • C4 Belts use code C4RUA7Q for a 10% discount
      • Ellany Equestrian use code KateR10 for a 10% Discount
  • Social Media
    • Usually on social media such as Instagram people post their stuff for sale on their accounts or even have pages made specifically for selling such as BNJ Tack Sale page
  • Barn Tack Sales
    • Sometime barns or other horse organizations have local tack sales to go and buy their used tack
  • Craigslist
    • Once in a while you can find people selling their stuff on your local Craigslist, it usually a long shot but it’s defiantly worth a try! (also if you do buy and have to meet in person please do it at a local police station to be safe)
  • Non-Equestrian Brands
    • You can always find great clothes to ride in or stuff to use at the barn at non-horse brand stores! I like Target, TJMaxx, Nike, gap etc.

Have Other ways you use to save money? Comment your’s below!



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