Getting Back into Things

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been active on here my senior year has been chaotic! So of course school and my health come first! For those of you wondering a few weeks ago I was up at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to find out more answers about my health. I developed chronic pain and fatigue in fall of 2015, and I took over a year and a half off of riding, as well I suffered a brain injury from my accident this past February. I finally got some “real” answers as to what is wrong with me! Doctors up at Mayo say I have Autonomic Dysfunction meaning my autonomic nervous system is messed up affecting most of my organ systems, (such as my heart rate, digestion, memory, breathing stuff like that) it can be manageable which is good! I also have hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid), post-concussive headaches and anemia and a few other things. Sadly there is no magic pill to cure all but I can manage it. I am still happily riding though!

Now, next Sunday I will be heading back to the Mayo Clinic to endure a three week long Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, this will help me get back on track with my life! I will be doing physical and occupational therapy, group work, psychiatry and more.

Edit; I am now In the program I started monday and so far has been pretty rough first week but inside I know this is what I need to get myself back on track with my life

This means that I won’t be active much on the blog, and as well my store will be closed. I would like to get a holiday shopping  post in but who knows if that’s possible!

Thanks for keeping up with my crazy life!