Well, It has been over a year since I have last posted and I would love to get back into it again. For those of you on here for the first time, my name is Kate and I am a 19 year old college sophomore (interested in pre-med studies). I have been riding since I was 10. I just again took a break from riding as this past winter was crazy for my health and dealing with a new diagnosis plus college. (See my about and conditions page for more background on my health problems and history) Near the end of winter I had a bad flare of my runner’s knee so I am still hesitant to start back and especially with jumping.

My current summer plan is for me to shareboard/part-lease a dressage or event horse to work on my dressage and possibly show, I am still trying to make my way back to my lesson barn as I still want to do some jumping but I really want it to be slow and relaxed since I don’t want to ruin my knee. I am hopefully soon going to try another horse at the same barn a tried the last horse at. I am also on Job hunt mode and taking one online class to help with my credits.

I hope to over the course of the summer share reviews of some of my favorite items, be able to also talk about important aspects I see in riding and share the adventures of me and my future lease horse!

One thing is with me is that my health is very unpredictable due to the nature of my conditions so I may be stable today, or in bed (or the hospital) the next. So I may not be consistent with all my blog posts but I do the best I can. I would always love to hear your input for future blog posts and ideas.


Kate, The Midwestern Eventer

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