Well, It has been over a year since I have last posted and I would love to get back into it again. For those of you on here for the first time, my name is Kate and I am a 19 year old college sophomore (interested in pre-med studies). I have been riding since I was 10. I just again took a break from riding as this past winter was crazy for my health and dealing with a new diagnosis plus college. (See my about and conditions page for more background on my health problems and history) Near the end of winter I had a bad flare of my runner’s knee so I am still hesitant to start back and especially with jumping.

My current summer plan is for me to shareboard/part-lease a dressage or event horse to work on my dressage and possibly show, I am still trying to make my way back to my lesson barn as I still want to do some jumping but I really want it to be slow and relaxed since I don’t want to ruin my knee. I am hopefully soon going to try another horse at the same barn a tried the last horse at. I am also on Job hunt mode and taking one online class to help with my credits.

I hope to over the course of the summer share reviews of some of my favorite items, be able to also talk about important aspects I see in riding and share the adventures of me and my future lease horse!

One thing is with me is that my health is very unpredictable due to the nature of my conditions so I may be stable today, or in bed (or the hospital) the next. So I may not be consistent with all my blog posts but I do the best I can. I would always love to hear your input for future blog posts and ideas.


Kate, The Midwestern Eventer

Getting Back into Things

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been active on here my senior year has been chaotic! So of course school and my health come first! For those of you wondering a few weeks ago I was up at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to find out more answers about my health. I developed chronic pain and fatigue in fall of 2015, and I took over a year and a half off of riding, as well I suffered a brain injury from my accident this past February. I finally got some “real” answers as to what is wrong with me! Doctors up at Mayo say I have Autonomic Dysfunction meaning my autonomic nervous system is messed up affecting most of my organ systems, (such as my heart rate, digestion, memory, breathing stuff like that) it can be manageable which is good! I also have hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid), post-concussive headaches and anemia and a few other things. Sadly there is no magic pill to cure all but I can manage it. I am still happily riding though!

Now, next Sunday I will be heading back to the Mayo Clinic to endure a three week long Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, this will help me get back on track with my life! I will be doing physical and occupational therapy, group work, psychiatry and more.

Edit; I am now In the program I started monday and so far has been pretty rough first week but inside I know this is what I need to get myself back on track with my life

This means that I won’t be active much on the blog, and as well my store will be closed. I would like to get a holiday shopping  post in but who knows if that’s possible!

Thanks for keeping up with my crazy life!


Steals and Deals!

This is probably one of my favorite posts I’ve written to date! In this post I’ll show you my favorite sites and tips to find inexpensive riding clothes, tack and gear! Who doesn’t love that! Because like many of use young equestrians we have a limited income (if you even have one!)

Here we go!

  • eBay
    • This place is a hit or miss, I’ve found many steal on this site! (if you don’t mind wearing used stuff!) I usually just type in the brand I’m looking for look at whatever pops up! I’ve bought 2 expensive Asmar pieces off of eBay ( both items retailed for well over $200) and only paid for less than $100 each on them! I also just bought a pair of almost never used Le Fash NY city breech off of eBay as well for under $100! Who doesn’t like that! (I also buy a lot of my lululemon off of there too because there is always a ton for sale on there!
  • Facebook Groups
    • I you have a Facebook I recommend you joining the many riding apparel and tack sales groups if you don’t already. People sell TONS of stuff on there! I’ve boughten many shirts on there plus usually people accept offers on their stuff as well. Also it’s a great place to sell your stuff too! Also what a lot of “ISO” post on the groups as well, (means “in search of”) which is another easy way to find something you are looking for
  • Tack Hunter App
    • This app just came out a few weeks ago and I love it! If you know what the poshmark or mercari app is it’s just like that but for equestrians. I haven’t found anything I’ve wanted to buy yet on the app but I have already sold tons of stuff on there! I app is still new so there may be a few glitches but it’s such a great idea!
  • Tack Store end of season sales / clearance (both online and in-store):
    • Most tack stores have a clearance/closeouts on items plus end of season items. This is a great way to save $$$, shop for items at end of season to wear for next season! I just got a Noble Outfitters jacket super cheap from my tack store because it was from last years collection (who cares if it was last season’s!). SmartPak and Dover constantly have stuff in their sale/closeout/clearance section! Sometimes it’s a hit or miss for finding items in the size you need but it’s always great to look!
  • USEF and other Organization discount
    • SmartPak offers a 10% discount on items if you are a member of USEF or other organizations! Dover just announced that they too will be adding a 10% discount for members as well
  • Brand Ambassador Discounts
    • Many small business owned companies have brand ambassadors who have codes for discounts to promote the company, usually the discounts aren’t “huge” but will always save you a few bucks! I am currently am an ambassador for a few companies listed below
      • K. Marie Equestrian use code KateR10 for 10% Discount
      • C4 Belts use code C4RUA7Q for a 10% discount
      • Ellany Equestrian use code KateR10 for a 10% Discount
  • Social Media
    • Usually on social media such as Instagram people post their stuff for sale on their accounts or even have pages made specifically for selling such as BNJ Tack Sale page
  • Barn Tack Sales
    • Sometime barns or other horse organizations have local tack sales to go and buy their used tack
  • Craigslist
    • Once in a while you can find people selling their stuff on your local Craigslist, it usually a long shot but it’s defiantly worth a try! (also if you do buy and have to meet in person please do it at a local police station to be safe)
  • Non-Equestrian Brands
    • You can always find great clothes to ride in or stuff to use at the barn at non-horse brand stores! I like Target, TJMaxx, Nike, gap etc.

Have Other ways you use to save money? Comment your’s below!



Summer Riding Must-Haves

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Hello! Sorry for my absence! Everything has been super crazy with my life!

Here today, I’m going to talk about my summer riding must haves! Ready to beat the heat!

  1. Smart Water: Whenever I work out I alway use smart water or any type of electrolyte water to keep me hydrated. We lose electrolytes when we sweat so we need to replenish them!
  2. Kerrits Ice-fil TightsThese are my favorite riding breeches I use in the summer, I hate wearing my thick breeches during the summer heat and they make me extra hot. These tights are thin and have Ice-fil brand technology to keep you extra cool!
  3. Helmet VisorUsing a helmet visor is great during the summer to keep the hot sun out of your face as well as being able to see better without having the sun blinding your eyes!
  4. Katherine Cosmetics: Katherine Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands, I especially love their K-Sport line, which doesn’t make my makeup sweat off or feel gross from the heat and they also have SPF to protect our faces!
  5. Ecolicious EquestrianMy favorite fly spray of all time is the So Fresh and So Green body spray which is all natural and smells amazing, I love using it on myself as well. It also protects your horse’s coat from the sun rays!
  6. Nobel Outfitters Mesh GlovesThese gloves are great for hot weather as they have mesh ventilation to keep your hands cooland not all hot and sweaty.
  7. Herbal Horse Aloe Vera LotionI forever will love their aloe vera lotion! Aloe vera is great for sunburns and to keep your skin hydrated in the summer. It’s completely organic which I love a ton. They have different kinds of aloe vera lotion to choose from! My favorite it the muscle soothe great for sore muscles after riding!

Equestrian Barn Hacks

Hi! Sorry it has been a while! It’s been crazy with my health and school, so I don’t always have the time to write! But here is a quick post with all the amazing hacks that will help us equestrians!

  1. For your polo wraps and other similar items, use a lingerie bag to wash and dry your polo wraps to keep them from getting tangled up!
  2. Baby wipes are great for a million uses! I always have them hanging around the barn somewhere!
  3. Use rubber braiding bands for bridle keepers as a quick temporary fix.
  4. Put a tennis ball at the ends of cross ties to get rid of the annoying “clang” sound.
  5. Use dish scrub with a soap holder to use for cleaning your horse easily or scrubbing buckets.
  6. Loofa gloves are also great for cleaning horses and tack.
  7. Use colored or patterned duct tape to distinguish everyones supplies.
  8. Having trouble with keeping your horses ears forward for a photo? Buy all ears selfie app for your phone they have many sounds to bring your horse’s ears forward!
  9. Want a cheap and durable tack trunk? Stores such as Home Depot carry tool boxes such as Stanley or Husky for $100 and are just as great as actual tack trunks.
  10. You can cut pool noodles and use them as boot trees.

Have any other great barn hacks? Feel free to comment them below!

Recovery Time

As I may have said this before, a few weeks ago, after my lesson, I was cooling down Dexter, and all of a sudden he spooked and I was thrown off, hit my head on the wall and knocked unconscious for a few moments. (as what I was told as I can’t completely remember what had happened.) Luckily, I was wearing my helmet and my mom was there as well as my trainer. I was taken by ambulance over to the nearest hospital. I got a full work up and was fully conscious. Nothing was broken, but I did get a head CT that did show a very small brain bleed. I was also told a had a concussion. I had to stay in the ICU overnight so they could closely watch me. Later the next day I was transferred to the regular floor and got to go home the next day. I now have to get a follow up CT and was also told I couldn’t ride for three months. Sadly, I have many symptoms of post concussion syndrome as well as getting many flare-ups of my fibromyalgia. Last weekend I was feeling well enough to head to the barn! It was such a warm day (almost 70!) and I got to groom Mocha! Some of my favorite products I used on her was my Equine Organix waterless shampoo, Ecolicious Equestrian Moisture Manic mane and tail detangler, and The Herbal Horse Shine Bright! As you can see all products I use are all natural and won’t harm your horse! Mocha also got many delicious valentines day treats from Pony Riders Club Bakery! It felt so great to be back at the barn even though I couldn’t ride! Definitely lifted my spirits up after my accident!

Review: Millbrook Leathers Brand Alligator Half Chaps

Here today, I am reviewing

qtmyqufcqjq1nji3m0ndqja4n0q6nwqzn2nmntzmzwy3mwrknzu4oda5zgm3ztm1ztfhy2y6ojo6ojaMillbrook Leathers Brand, Alligator Accented Half Chaps. I actually purchased these before I started back riding last month. I was looking for a new pair since I knew I grew since summer 2015. I wasn’t looking to pay a ton on half chaps since they were just for school. I was on Instagram and I came across these adorable half chaps! So, I went to Millbrook’s website and there they were! For under $100! I ordered a size small and when they came I wanted to try them on, and boy! Were they a struggle! I need my mom to help zip them up! They looked amazing on me though! Luckily I found a trick! Take string or something to tie to your zipper to give you a better grip to zip them up! It definitely helped! They felt great after my first ride in them. The leather easily broke in. The thing is they have a stretch panel on them so they are able to custom fit to your leg! I was able to easily get them on after that first ride! Also, you can have them monogramed for extra! If they don’t have your size, Millbrook has an option for custom chaps as well! If you’re looking for a new pair of chaps I definitely recommend Millbrook’s half chaps! They look amazing plus the extreme affordability!

Mind Your Melon

This past Saturday I had my usual lesson (which was great btw) on Dexter. When I was cooling off, Dexter spooked and darted and apparently I fell off and hit my head on the arena wall while doing so. I can’t really remember that part though, 911 was called and I was ambulanced to the local hospital. My body was fine, but sore and my head hurt like hell. I got a CT scan and the results showed a very tiny subdural brain bleed, plus a concussion. They admitted me overnight in the ICU and I got another CT in the morning and luckily the bleed has gotten better, but I had to stay another night (on the regular floor) due to my head pain and balance. I luckily got home early yesterday evening. Sadly, I was told I can’t ride for 3 months now and I have to go back in for another CT in three weeks. Overall I was lucky I had my helmet on and nothing worse had happened! Time to get a new helmet!

About Me

My name is Kate, I am a 17 year old and a Junior in high school. I have been riding since I was 10 years old, I have never owned due to me having non-horsey parents but I have had gotten a chance to lease 2 summers ago. Unfortunately, in August of 2015, my health have started to go downwards, so I had to stop ridding and soon stop going to school after seeing many many doctors I was finally diagnosed with many chronic illnesses (hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue) which pretty much turned my life upside down. But it never stopped me from wanting to ride again. After 14 months of not riding, I was finally able to get back in the saddle in the beginning of January 2017. It will be awhile before I start competing again and also for me to figure out how my diseases will interact with my riding.


This blog should consist of many things, my life, horsey stuff, reviews and what not and I am always open to suggestions!