Review: Millbrook Leathers Brand Alligator Half Chaps

Here today, I am reviewing

qtmyqufcqjq1nji3m0ndqja4n0q6nwqzn2nmntzmzwy3mwrknzu4oda5zgm3ztm1ztfhy2y6ojo6ojaMillbrook Leathers Brand, Alligator Accented Half Chaps. I actually purchased these before I started back riding last month. I was looking for a new pair since I knew I grew since summer 2015. I wasn’t looking to pay a ton on half chaps since they were just for school. I was on Instagram and I came across these adorable half chaps! So, I went to Millbrook’s website and there they were! For under $100! I ordered a size small and when they came I wanted to try them on, and boy! Were they a struggle! I need my mom to help zip them up! They looked amazing on me though! Luckily I found a trick! Take string or something to tie to your zipper to give you a better grip to zip them up! It definitely helped! They felt great after my first ride in them. The leather easily broke in. The thing is they have a stretch panel on them so they are able to custom fit to your leg! I was able to easily get them on after that first ride! Also, you can have them monogramed for extra! If they don’t have your size, Millbrook has an option for custom chaps as well! If you’re looking for a new pair of chaps I definitely recommend Millbrook’s half chaps! They look amazing plus the extreme affordability!